Basic Site Setup

Basic Site Setup-
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Have you purchased your domain name and ordered hosting but now have no idea where to start? Order this if you need a little help taking those first steps to getting your site set up. This will get you started in the right direction and includes:

  • Mal's basic set up ( making the connection between your site, Mal's and Paypal )
  • Tax & Basic Shipping Setup
  • Setting up email notifications to you & your customers
  • Setting up your domain emails - forwarding them if needed or setting up gmail to fetch your emails
  • Set up an initial default product to help you with product entry
    • you supply options data needed ( if any options are needed )

Upgrade Option

Customize Mal's cart

  • Customizing Mal's to match your site as close as possible
  • Customize Mal's HTML email notification email to match your site colors
Please contact me for info on ordering